Crossing to Asia (temporarily)

It's been a while ago since i last was on the internet to upload new photo's for the people at decent internet connection to get the photo's online, if they even had a cd-tray! I've been on bali en lombok for almost a month, like a holiday in a holiday :p. I took my flight together with Doro, just to extend the fun we had together for another few weeks!

The first 8 nights we stayed in the 4 star hotel Plaza Paradise, a birthday gift from my parents ( something i really appreciated as a gift!!!) until the day after my birthday. We relaxed a lot and did some daytrips around the island to see the "real" bali. Most of all we enjoyed all the confort we had in the hotel.

After these 8 days continued our trip towards Lombok, an island east of Bali. Instead of being hindu, lombok is mostly moslim, but next to that there are not many differences with lombok. It's just not as touristic as in bali and the streets are really deserted dureing the nights! Our first stop after the ferry was sengigi. A small but touritic town on the west of lombok. We spend 2 nights there before we continued to the gili-islands further up the country. They are touristic, but very beautifull!!!

This was the coastline in sengigi. The beaches on lombok are first of all a lot cleaner and second of all a lot less "black".

Don't mind the cow in the didn't wanna move!

And offcourse we were able to enjoy some really nice sunsets and other views! Views that you will never forget in your entire life!

This photo was made from a small tempel, a few km south of sengigi.

On the gili-islands we could enjoy a daily view on lombok. The quiet but touristic islands are the perfect place to relax, snorkle and have good evenings in one off the small restaurants next to the unpaved road.

The boats you see on the photo were the only way to get to the island. With our backpacks between our legs among the locals in a small wooden craft.

As i said, the roads on the islands are unpaved, shown on the photo's. When we were walking around the island we passed this small kid making a round with his cows. These things you don't see in europe i guess ;)

With roads like these the only way of transport is the hystoric Horsecar. There are no cars on the island, biking is hard with all the deep sand so all the tourists take horsecars! We didn't...we were amazed that the poor animals were still walking!

when we were walking further around the island, the beach was a nicer option to walk on then the road. Nice and quiet and most of the island's beaches are deserted.

Sorry for the diagonal horison...had to make the photo quickly before doro noticed that i had taken the camera out! :p

Every night we were looking at our feet and were getting more discusted! Cause of all the sand and flipflops/sandals our feet were getting more black by the day! As i said, the beaches on lombok are less black then in bali...doesn't mean they were white!! ;)

General conclusion about Lombok: definatelly worth visiting again. This time we have only been there for 5 days and we have missed a lot of the island. Next time a bit more time, malaria tablets and a decent book about lombok would definatelly improve our trip! Already got an agreement with pande ( our brother on bali ;) ) that he's gonna come with me to do a 3-day hike on the vulcano.

MNext time when i come to bali, lombok is included in the trip!

After 5 days it was time to return to bali. Another 5 hour ferry really broke us. The wooden seats and the annoying salesmen were not really helping either! We were glad to find a decent bed back in bali!

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