Darwin and surroundings

Heya people,

after a lot of weeks without photo's finally some more stories. The camera was broken before...but lucky for you it's fixed ;). In the meantime a lot of things have happened...have been in darwin (no photo's)...have been on fraser island (no photo's)...and have been doing the entire eastcoast (sorry again...no photo's)! Currently i'm back in darwin...well it's my last day in bali now before i fly to Bali...but i have some photo's left of the last 2 weeks. Dorothee and me have returned to darwin 2 weeks ago and have been doing kakadu national park in the meantime. BIG park with a shitload of muskitos.

Welcome to the land of Kakadu park:

Officially the goverment leases this country from the Abo's. That way they are able to call it a "national park". But basicly the Abo's had to lease it to the goverment otherwise they wouldn't get it back at all ;)

As you can see...after a short climb you get these amazing views!

Almost looks like a postcard...really bright green colors and a bright blue sky...can't get any better!

Getting really used to these blue sky over here...everyday same story: bright blue sky, 35 degrees and a lot of sweat!

The rock formations you see on this photo were used for wall-painting many many years ago...scroll down for the photo's!

Yeah....OK....photo of myself...on the top of the world :D...Doro was making photo's of the surroundings when she suddenly pointed the camera at me! "payback will be sweet"! (again, scroll down for "payback")

We have been sitting on the top of this hill for half an hour just to enjoy the view...put down my matras and i could easally fall asleep!

As i said...the rock formations have been used to make massive wallpainting. Offcourse I've made some nice examples for you guys so you can enjoy them too. Of some i know the explanation...but don't ask me to tell the entire history...atleast i can tell everybody at home that i have seen wallpaintings ;)

To return to this "payback"...here is a nice photo of doro :D...thats what you get when you point the camera at me :D

What she is eating is a chocolate roll with cream in it. I wanted to zoom in on het mouth...but for your stomage i will spare you the details!

This photo was made at 1 oçlock at night...we were hungry yes! funny to tell that 3 hours earlier doro was still a bit ill ;) Chocolate is the remedy for everything :p

OK guys...time to leave...my flight to bali will be leaving soon! Offcourse i'll come back with loads of photo's and as soon as i'm back in australia i'll share them with you ( internet in bali is to slow to put them online)! I'll stay there until the 6th of june...so the 7th of june i expect you all here on the site! ;)

BTW: 22 of mai is my birthday...don't forget!!! :p

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