First photo's of Perth

OK guys, i'll just continue writing in english cause it's a lot easier for everybody to read. As you have most likely been reading in my last story, I ended up in Perth by taking the Indian Pacific from Adelaide. 3 Days sitting in the train is a long time but i was glad that i had some nice company.

These people are still keeping me busy. We are one bunch of internationals. German, Dutch, Swedish and English people together, all trying to learn eachothers language.

From left to right: Linda (germany), Tim (England) and Maria (Sweden)

We landed in Perth on tuesday and left it 2 days later cause we prefered to stay around the beach. We moved to a beautiful and active town called Fremantle.

Between Perth and Fremantle there are so many nice beaches. Every day of the week you could go to a different beach and still not having seen all the beaches on the end of the week.

We just sticked to a few of our favorit beaches. This is the one at Fremantle itself.

Next to relaxing on the beach we haven't been doing much else. We do have fun on the beach. All circus toys are welcome. My Diabolo and juggleballs are standard equipment on these beaches!

Personally i'm still learning how to juggle properly...Linda on the other hand has been practising a lot more then me!!

(i'm not sure if i was allowed to put this photo on the internet...then again there is nothing wrong with the photo ;) reason not to show it to the people at home)











We do get really nice sunsets over here in Fremantle. Almost perfect ones cause there are not a lot of clowds over here!

If you want to have this photo on it's original size...just give me a mail!

Personally one of my favorit photo's! These sunsets are really usefull to make nice photo's! Even after sunset Linda couldn't stop throwing those balls up ;)

Definately a nice photo...Tnx for posing! :p

More stories will follow in Perth...this city won't get rid of me that easally!!!

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