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If you are travelling in Australia and pass Darwin it is really to easy to fly to bali. Way to easy and to cheap to resist. When i came to australia i did not have the plan to visit bali aswell...until i saw the prices! Together with Doro, ones again, a new adventure in the end of my trip!

The first 8 days i spend with doro in the hotel before we went to Lombok. When we got back she had to go home...so quiet suddenly :(...i spend my last weeks in bali with Pande and Tripian, friends in Bali. That way i got to learn a bit of the real life in Bali, driving scooters, eating next to the street, relaxing in the evening etc. etc.

During my stay in both Lombok and Bali you could often see me like this. Just relaxing and reading a book, especially when it was to hot outside to do anything else!

This photo was made on the gili-islands but basicly the life on bali was the same story!

The book one the tabel is doro's...one book is enough for me!

I think the word "relax"concludes a lot of our trip in both Bali and Lombok.

In front of our bungalow on the gili islands there was no sound next to the sounds of nature...pure relaxing (until the moskee started to "shout" right behind our bungalow!

After Doro took her flight home to Germany i spent my time mostly with these two clowns. Left is Pande and right is Tripian.

The photo was taken when we were going to the soccer-match between Paradise Plaza and the Ritz Carlton hotels. (Paradise Plaza lost by panelties 5-6...Tripian was the goalie...so blame him :D)

Amazed to see these T-shirts in Bali, but the hotel was gonna play in them. Directly imported from The Netherlands including the KNVB logo. ( i don't know if that could have been the reason for them losing...but they didn't think so!)

We were driving to the match in the hotel-bus with 15 people crushed in the back! I was already looking forward to the way back with all those sweaty players next to me!

Pande, the mid-player in the team! It was amazing...one of the few fields i've seen in Bali that has actually grass!!! :p

After a days full of work and fun the locals all gathered around this monument to play yet another game of soccer, relax with a bit of yoga or play a game of batminton! Very nice to walk between these people and play a game with them!

The monument itself tells the dutch history in Bali...not very nice...we are not as cute as we look :p...but atleast it's a nice building!

Most of the time, around 9 oçlock we tried to find a nice little restaurant or shop next to the street. This was one of the lokal chicken-satey makers! I've felt that in my belly...but atleast the food tasted really good! I almost felt like a local...just my skincolor :S

Not the most hygienic way of eating...but it gives a nice athmosphere!

Now i'm back in Darwin, tomorrow i step on the train back to sydney to start my final journey towards home. 1,5 week left of travelling, somehow it makes you sad, but then again i'm really looking forward to going home. I leave bali behind me for now...but offcourse I'll be back...like always!!!  Cheers for the great time tripian and pande!!!

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