How to make australia unsafe...

...Give me a car to drive!

Yep...I know , it has been a while since my last story online, but i've been doing so much stuff in the meantime that i simply did not have the time to go on the internet and post all my photo's.

Since a month now we have our own car, a big stationwagon that has been carrying us for 10.000km in this last month! Together with Dorothee (remember the pizza-girl from adelaide) we bought this car to see ozzie-country from a different side. It has costed us a bit of money on all therepairs, but it was definately worth it! Never had such a good time like this!

OK...our Baby...called DR Snuggles. A Ford Falcon XF with V6 engine, 150 horsepower! The ideal backpackerscar cause the engine just keeps on going "so they say". As i said, we've done about 10.000km with it the last month, a respectable amount for any car, especially if you tell that this car is 20 years old!

We basicly slept in the back every morning we rebuilded the car so everybody could sit comfortly again!

You remember this girl? yeah's Dorothee, the pizza girl ( she's gonna kill me for calling her that).

We bought the car together and I had one of the best times in my life with her. Think i couldn't have wished a better travel partner over here. Tnx for the brilliant time doro!

On the moment that this photo was taken we were driving trough the pinnacles. As you can see in the background, a rock formation...but i'll tell something more about that in the next story! She did a really nice job driving our massive car on the small roads over there!

After buying the car in Perth our first stop was Margeret River where we picked up Linda again. The three of us together have done the entire south of perth in 4 days.

On the photo, the two girls together on a beatifull beach near esperance.

Together we have seen some pretty awesome places in the south. A lot of beatifull beaches and the most strange rock-formations. Basicly we went from Perth to Margeret River to August to Albany to Esperance and back to Perth again. About 2500 km in 4 days.

It was a bit to short time to see all this nature, think it would have been better to do it a bit slowe, but then again...we didn't have any more time!

On our way back from esperance we liked to take a shortcut by taking roads that were not on the map DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!! These unsealed roads as shown on the photo are everywhere and it is to easy to get lost! We have been driving for about 4 hours on these roads (130km per hour...not the smartest thing you can do)

Just before sunset we found the mainroad back, approx 100km further up then were we started. Lucky us...was already getting scared about our petrol!

The best thing about driving on unsealed roads are offcourse the durst cloads behind the car. When you go faster then 100km per hour the dust will get so high that you can't see a thing behind you! Offcourse you'll end up with a very dirty car!!!

The biggest fun is when you brake hard at the moment when the cload is following you...then it passes you!...better close the windows!

Hehe...finally a photo of myself...tnx to Linda i think! But offcourse...i won't keep it from you, Me behind the steeringwheel:

We finished our trip in the south in Perth on time. The disadvantage was that we had to see Wave-rock by night. Bah! It's a massive rock shaped like a wave, but at night time it's looks like a sound barriere! Atleast we can say we were the only tourists that have seen Wave-rock by night!

After seeing "the" rock we spend the last night next to a petrol station cause i didn't have enough fuel to get me to perth and the pertol stations were all closed...SUCKS! Next morning 6 o'clock we had to wake up to get to perth in time.

It was definately worth the effort to see the south. Really nice landscape, although one night i will never forget." Thinking you sleep in front of a beautifull natural park and finding out the next morning that the entire park has been burned down a few weeks earlier and everything around you is black!" FREAKY!

The next morning we were in perth to get our car to the garage for an engine service. The next day we started our trip to the north, up to story! :p

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