Time to go west

OK, guys....i promissed two nice girls to write this story in English so everybody would understand it. Don't mind any of my gramma mistakes, i'm trying my best to put everything in the correct sentences.

Let me introduce the girls that have brought this job on me:

Caroline reading the wrong magazine while i was playing with my camera ;) We've been spending about 6 weeks together on the same room although during the last week i didn't see her in the room a lot....wonder why...... ;)

To bad i had to leave her in Adelaide...she has found a nice job that doesn't involve any porno etc. (just to make sure)

And this is Dorothee. I'm not sure if i promissed not to post this photo online...we'll find out after i posted it!

Our main meal in Adelaide existed out of PIZZA. Doro prefered to play with it ;) (take a look at the box)

OK...now i introduced you to the evil people that asked me to write english! I spent most of my time with them in Adelaide and have some really good memories of them! For that reason i'll be happy to write this story for them!

First thing we did in Adelaide was booking a whine tour! A good reason to get drunk again! First time we booked they kind of forgot to pick us up! Really sad...but one day later they had the chance to recover themselfs.

When i think of a whinetour...i think of liters of whine! Kind of disappointment to see this thing first before we saw any whineries! The Giant Rockinghorse (that doesn't rock)!

Until recently there was a sign on it  "Germans not allowed". somehow only Germans were able to destroy the horse, like they did before!

Welcome to the Barossa Valley. Bout 45% of the whine in Australia is produced in this Valley.

Finally some decent whine. This photo was made when we started tasting the brand " Jackobs Creek". I've never heard of it (then again i was only there for the alcohol), but it is supposed to be a pretty important brand.

You only get 2 centimeters of whine...first roll it in the glas...then see if the color is correct....then smell it....then take a zip...1...2...3...while having the whine in your mouth, suck some air into your mouth aswell to give it some more flavour.

(btw, caroline is in this photo again, without porn this time...first girl on the left)



Next to the whinetour we were to be found on the beach a lot, together with everybody else that didn't have anything better to do with his life then to relax!

Glenelg was the place for this photo. A beach-suburb of Adelaide.

From left to right: Gareth, Liam and Amy


Most of the time we ended up in a pub after going to the beach, beers after a day of sun is the best thing that you can taste in your mouth at that moment ;)

uhhh...yeah...more girls ;)...this is Line from Denmark. No funny stories, just friends ;)

BTW...for the people at home...this is how brown i can get with some decent sun, unlike the one in holland ;)

After 2 weeks in Adelaide it was time to move on. The Indian Pacific was the way to go. One massive train that brings you from Adelaide to Perth.

648 metres long and 28 cars...impressive train!

The girl next to me was Birte...a german girl i met on the train. After sitting in a train for 3 days any company is welcome!

The train was nice to sit in. Best way of travelling sofar! Only the landscapes were a bit boring. The train trip lasted 36 hours and about 20 of them were like this:

Here and there you saw some signs with " no entry". Somehow the dropped some nuclear bombs over here a few years ago...to test them. Nobody was living over here anyway, exept a few Abo's!

We did get the most beautiful sunsets in the train! Photographing through the windows wasn't the easiest way, but i did manage to get some pretty nice shots!

After this it turned dark again and everybody went for a sleep. They either slept on their seats or on the ground...most of them on the ground :S

After this night we arrived in Perth!

I enjoyed Adelaide a lot, especially cause of the very nice company i had of a certain individual ;)....cheers! I'll see you soon!

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