Western Australia (lots of photos!)

OK...one day in perth to fix the car, we didn't wanna spend any more time there, so we kicked linda out and picked up our next lift ;)! This was what we bought the car for...to explore the westcoast properly.

This is the crew of DR Snuggles after the engine service in Perth. Next to me there were Hendrik en Doro....even more germans :S

I think we were having breakfast over here...sitting on the ground, a petrolium cooker in front of us. Soon after this we bought ourselfs some chairs, cause sitting like this is gonna kill your back after a month!

First stop were the Pinnacles. Thousands of rock-pillars like these (up to 3 metres). They have been created by trees that have been growing here in the past. Really strange story but impressive to see! Doro was driving the car in this park...RESPECT! She didn't even hit a single stone...BORING!

But offcourse not everything  could have been going perfect!Our car was starting to have some mechanical problems. We were glad the people of the RAC (ANWB) could help us with this problem. After sitting on the side of the road for 2 hours we could continue our trip.

Shame Shame: it only took the 10 seconds to get the car running again!

Next stop was a small kingdom in the middle of Australia. Cause of a mistake in the past, a farmer was able to start his own kingdom and claim his own land. We even have stamps in our pasport of this country as proof. We were allowed to sit in their thrones...just to have a nice photo.

The only thing to see in the region were some national parks with nice gorges but with hardly any plants on them.

This photo shows the window of Nature. You pass it in a 8km hike in one of the national parks....offcourse we only walked 2km cause turned back after seeing this :p

Next to the natural parks there wasn't much else to see then a few termite-mountains. Thousands of them spread over the empty country. Impressive to see but after 200 km it gets boring!

If any couples get the idea to travel to this country...this is your chance to make love in the most open field you can find without anybody seeing it ;)...no cars passing anyway :p

There was one big advantage of this area...you could have the most beautifull sunsets:

The only thing you do have to watch out for are these f*cking cows! After hours and hours driving in nothing, these cows can scare you a lot when they suddenly cross the road. If you hit one...your car is gone. We were really lucky a few nights ago to be able to brake just in time...otherwise we would have hit a bull at full speed during nighttime!

It took us a few days to pass these boring lands. Somethimes stopping in beautifull coastal towns before returning into the boring outback.

Karajini National Park was our next stop. After 5km in the park our engine stopped and we were stock...ofcourse right next to this bushfire. Luckly for us the wind was blowing into another direction.

After 2 hours our luck ran out and the wind started to change into our direction. The rangers already knew were we stranded so they would pick is up in need, but i prefered to take the car aswell before it burned down. After several tries the car wanted to start one last time...Pfew...we drove to the nearest town "Tom Price" before the engine totally stopped for that day. We were stuck in a small town...waiting for a new fuel-pump. Our lifts were getting bored aswell...so in the end it was just me and Doro that stayed.

After 4 days waiting for a fuel pump in Tom Price we were finally able to enter Karajini National Park again. Time to give it a second try. Karajini is famous for the gorges it contains:

The thing we had mostly been looking forward to was swimming in one of the natural pools in the park. This is Fern Pool and in the middle it's Doro! :p

After so much Oceans and Salt water to swim in...this fresh water was like a gift from god!

This pool was recommended by one of the rangers. We slept at his place one night after he invited us for a beer. Really strange but great "dude".

After a good night sleep at the Ranger-station it was time to say goodbye to Karajini and move on to Broom. Back into the outback we saw a lot of these roadtrains. You see more of these things then tourists on the road. Better hold two hands on your steeringwheel when they pass you!

In Broom we stayed for 4 days cause every morning we could wake up with this view! Broom had such nice beaches that, if we had some more time, we could easally spend a few weeks here. Such a relax atmosphere...it promissed a lot of good for the rest of the west-coast.

One of the beaches you could visit in Broom. You can see that we are entering a tropical climat from here on!

From Broom to Darwin was a lot of driving. 1800km in just a few days. We passed a lot of Abo-communities until we came to Lichfield National Park. Cause we had been driving a bit faster then planned, we were able to spend our last few days in this park together.

Lichfield is best known for all the beautifull waterfalls it contains. Most of them are ending up in big pools where you can swim if the waterlevel isn't to high. We sadly were not able to swim in all of them cause of crocodiles but atleast we had a great time in the park:

In the end we eventually found a decent pool where we could swim in and end our trip from Perth to Darwin in a special way. Although it was a bit touristic over there, as you can see, a swim with these temperatures is never bad.

We started with a clean car, in the end our car looked like this. We could easally draw on it. (note the small eliphant in the left)

Now we are in Darwin and the time is here to sell the car. One of the best times in my life is ending and i have to say goodbye to Doro as she is flying to Sydney.

For those who are still doubting what the best part of Australia is: The east coast has a got a lot, but the real adventure only starts on the West-Coast. Especially if you have such a nice travelpartner, your fun can't be spoiled anymore! Tnx for the good time Doro, we'll see eachother again soon!

O...BTW...Doro promissed some people to take care of me: She 100% kept her promiss, sweet little german girl!!  ;-)

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